Prosecutors do not expect charges this week against suspect killer of Officer McClain

Posted at 6:32 PM, Nov 25, 2019

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Sources in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office tell 7 Action News it is still working on the warrant and charges are not likely this week against the suspect that Detroit police believe shot and killed one of their own. Some are asking, what is the hold up?

Officer Rasheen McClain was killed in the line of duty last Wednesday. His partner that night is in the hospital recovering after also being shot.

For people who knew and loved the man killed, it is hard to be patient and wait for someone to be charged with his murder. Sgt. Sherley Bledsoe says she is focusing on the fact she wants the investigation done properly.

“We are going to feel this pain no matter what because he is not coming back. So a little bit more time waiting for the proper paperwork to be processed is not a problem,” she said.

So what is behind this wait? Seven Action News sat down with defense attorney Terry Johnson, who specializes in gun crimes.

“They want to make sure it is nice and tight and there aren’t any holes in it, so that a defense attorney can come and say, wait, this doesn’t make sense or they didn’t look at this,” she said.

Attorney Johnson says this happens in many cases. As prosecutors review reports from all police involved, they might find something they want an additional witness to corroborate or they might be waiting for evidence that takes time to process.

“Witness statements are very important. And there may be some other things like videos, or more importantly as we know today, someone else’s cell phone. If there is a cell phone you might need a warrant to go through that before you can move this warrant forward,” explained Johnson.

The prosecutor’s office is not commenting on what it still needs in order to move forward. Police say they will work to get prosecutors whatever they need for justice.

“They have a job to do. We have a job to do. And we are going to give them the opportunity to get it right,” said Sgt. Bledsoe.