Rally outside Detroit ICE building supports mother facing deportation

Posted at 5:53 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 17:53:39-04

It appears the clock has run out on a Michigan woman’s battle to remain in the United States with her children.

Victoria Lorenzo-Calmo entered the United States illegally in 2001, but has remained in the country while regularly checking in with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices in Detroit since 2011.

She has previously said that she fled Guatemala because she feared for her life, her supporters tell 7 Action News that she was beaten so badly by her husband that she miscarried a baby before she came to the United States.

Years ago Lorenzo-Calmo was threatened with deportation, but was allowed to remain in Grand Rapids with her children after filing a stay of removal.

On Tuesday, as in years past, Lorenzo-Calmo entered the Detroit ICE offices hoping for the best. Those who’ve stood by Lorenzo-Calmo in the past were concerned before the meeting took place.

Given the political climate in relation to immigration, a rally was planned outside the Detroit ICE offices.

“We’re seeing cases like Victoria’s end with deportation after going into ICE for their check-ins, as part of a devastating national trend of separating families that’s been visible under Trump’s Executive Orders,” said Jonathan Contreras, co-founder of UHWD.

In 2011, a similar protest was held before ICE decided not to deport Lorenzo-Calmo. This year the support didn’t seem to help.

According to a number of supporters, Lorenzo-Calmo was tethered and told to return next week. It’s unknown how quickly the deportation process will be.

A spokesperson for ICE offered a statement earlier in the day, but has since said details may not be available until Wednesday at the earliest.

7 Action News is continuing to try to gather details about the plans surrounding Lorenzo-Calmo and the reason behind the move to deport her.

Her supporters believe that the situation Lorenzo-Calmo is being put into is a dangerous one.

UHWD stated that her life has been threatened by her husband in Guatemala, and now she will have to choose whether she leaves her children in the United States where they are receiving medical treatment, or whether she takes them with her to Guatemala.