Residents upset about hydrant running non-stop

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 18:18:45-04

Ever since January, residents who live on Joseph Campau near Hunt on Detroit’s west side say they have been upset about a fire hydrant that has been running non-stop.

Gloria Walker says she has been fed up with the problem for months, especially because there have been several fires in the area.

“I know that if my house catch on fire they’re not going to get any water out of there,” said Walker.

Walker was not sure who to call.

“I called the police department two weeks ago and I told them this water is running and running and running and so she said she was going to call the fire department," she said.

According to Walker, crews were sent to look at the hydrant but water remained running down the street.She then called 7 Action News.

These type problems are handled by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. After contacting DWSD, they promptly came out to resolve the situation and crews replaced the fire hydrant.

“I’m glad. I thank you. I appreciate it,” said Walker.

The department says situations like these may be more common as the weather changes and they have worked on ways for you to contact them faster.

If you have a similar situation, you can call the DWSD Help Desk at (313) 267-7401

There is also an app called Improve Detroit where you can report problems like these or pothole problems.