Shinola expanding to new building in Midtown

Posted at 5:09 PM, Feb 11, 2016

The dial factory isn't the only thing coming for Shinola. The Detroit watch company is expanding and adding a new building to the mix.

The plans are still being worked out, but 7 Action News is told the building on Selden St. in Midtown is going to be used to manufacture audio equipment like headphones, speakers and turntables. The new location could also include a cafe.

"It's incredibly exciting, you know everything that's happening in the city is amazing and we're honored to be a very small part of that," Shinola President Jacques Panis said.

“When you look around the country for a place to make things there’s not a better place than this great city," he added. "We’re enamored by the people and their desire to help us and be part of this rebirth and so when we receive the great Detroit bear hug we decided that this place was going to be where we called home.”

Right now, the plans are in the very early stages, and the new Shinola location could open up in 18-24 months.