Things you need to consider to stay safe after winning big at a casino

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 07:41:42-04

It's every gambler's dream to walk out the doors of a casino feeling like a million bucks after hitting a jackpot, but simply walking out with a wad of cash isn't recommended.

"We always recommend you keep a cautious eye out, know your surroundings, know what's going on around you and who's around you,” said Sgt. Mike Woody with the Detroit Police Department.

Police are investigating an alleged robbery at Motor City Casino after a man says he was robbed at knife point in the men’s restroom.

The victim claims he won $5,000 and took the money in cash.

Michigan State Police recommend you take your winnings in a check instead of cash.

MotorCity Casino tells us they offer a check at a minimum of $5,000. Greektown Casino offers the same check payout. MGM will write you a check for your winnings instead of cash with a minimum $2,500 payout.

If you don't meet those minimum payouts for a check police say you should travel in pairs and never talk about your money after you win.

"If you do hit on one of the machines it's best not to over celebrate or draw too much attention to yourself,” said Woody.

Motor City Casino says they are looking into the alleged bathroom robbery. Police say they are reviewing surveillance video from inside the casino.