Two men facing charges after large marijuana bust on Detroit's east side

Posted at 10:34 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 08:11:54-04

A major drug bust has gone down in Detroit all thanks to a tip from neighbors who told police the guy down the block was growing marijuana  - and lots of it.

This bust was in the middle of a residential block near Seven Mile and Conant.

There was good reason neighbors thought marijuana was being grown in the backyard.

In fact police say the plants were so tall they had grown higher than the privacy fence in the backyard.

When they asked the person inside if the operation was legal, he told police it was and that they were looking at12 plants.

Police say the man was a medical marijuana cardholder, but once they got inside they found a lot more than 12 plants. In fact, there were 26 and a half pounds of pot - roughly $112,000 in street value.

They also found an assault rifle with a 100-round clip and thousands in cash.

Police say it may have started legal, but clearly grew out of control.

Two men were taken into custody. They now await charges.

For that assault rifle and 100 round clip, they’ll likely be charged federally.

We’re also told they were stealing electricity for about five years.

DPD saying this is a case of residents saying enough is enough and taking their neighbor back.