Carbon monoxide leak cause kids to black out and sideswipe a bus on the way to Howell school

Posted at 10:33 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 23:22:28-04

Four high school students from Howell are recovering after they claim they got into an accident with a school bus because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It happened this morning near Brewer and Highland.

The students tell us some of them felt dizzy while driving to school, while others in the car started to black out - including the driver.

Jared Marcucci says he was behind the wheel when he blacked out and swerved into the bus.

Livingston County deputies called the county EMS, because they knew the kids were not okay.

Parents are now wondering why they were able to leave the scene without being taken to the hospital right away.

Jaden Jaworski showed us paperwork, stating he had unsafe levels of carbon monoxide nearly four hours later.

Marcucci's father says EMS was doing their job, but believes they made a mistake in not taking them for treatment.

We reached out to Livingston County EMS, and are still waiting to hear their side of the story.

We are told the car had a muffler leak and a hole in the firewall, causing the issue.

Firefighters also checked out the car, finding high levels of the dangerous gas.