Angry voters blast proposed budget cuts at Fraser city council meeting

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 23:16:04-04

Hundreds of angry voters came out to Fraser City Hall to fight against cuts to senior citizens, and public safety officers, among other things.

Many held signs, urging the council to vote in favor of PA 33. It would have raised property taxes on average around 300 dollars a year, but kept vital services for the elderly, and avoids cutting safety officers.

It was voted down again at Tuesday's meeting.

What angers many voters is how this went down.

They originally voted down the ballot initiative in November because they say it was confusing and never included these cuts. The council then voted for a budget in favor of PA 33, 7-0.

Later three council members changed their minds, which meant it was voted down again because a super majority is needed.

7 Action News obtained robo calls sent out to voters by the mayor about the meeting, many claiming it only went to landlines, and didn't include the whole truth.

Some of the things that will now be cut: Parks and Recreation, the senior center, six safety officers and the library.

Mayor Nichols told us if voters changed their minds and are in favor of PA-33, then he would too, but stressed someone has to protect the right of the people.

Nichols went on to say the city manager resorted to scare tactics and misinformation, leading to the large turnout.

The city manager had no comment on the allegation, just simply saying, "You would need to ask him why he said that."