Centerline Halloween store owner removes clown costumes after recent rash of clown related incidents

Posted at 6:54 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 18:54:48-04

A local costume store owner says he wants no part of the recent clown craze, so he’s decided to pull clown costumes made for kids off store shelves.

You can still buy certain clown collectors items inside the Crypt Keeper Halloween Emporium in Centerline. 

But the storeowner says you won’t find the type of mask - made for kids - that people are buying to commit crimes there anymore.

Dave Douglass is fed up and quite frankly concerned with the recent craziness surrounding clowns.

That’s why he’s decided to remove all clown costumes from his store shelves.

Douglass says he made the decision to remove clown masks immediately after two Roseville women were arrested for dressing up like clowns and terrorizing two teenagers.

And then last week an armed and masked gunman robbed nearly a dozen locations in Michigan and Ohio, before being caught near the Ohio/Kentucky border.

A woman who stopped in crypt keeper this afternoon to buy a costume for her pet bulldog says she applauds Douglas’s decision to remove certain clown costumes from the store.

As for Douglas, he says he’ll put the clowns back on store shelves once people stop clowning around.