Clinton Township residents watch and worry as heavy rain causes Clinton River to rise

Posted at 10:20 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 09:14:06-04

Neighbors nestled along the Clinton River in Clinton Township are concerned about the next few days.

Rain has already saturated backyards, in some areas that were devastated by flooding two years ago.

Melissa Viviano is one person who keeps a close eye on her yard and the weather. As she talked to us, she knew the river had reached more than a half a foot above flood stage, and it will continue to rise overnight.

Viviano told us, "There's no reason to panic, until it's time to panic."

So for now, she watches and wishes for breaks in the rain over the next two days.

She says neighbors don't believe there will ever be flooding like two years ago.

Viviano acknowledging, "People are comfortable believing, after we had the epic 100 year flood two years ago, that could never possibly happen again, but it could. Right now there's nothing to prepare for. We're just waiting."

iviano is more concerned about how long it rains, rather than the intensity of the downpours.