Fraser officials discuss sexual harassment allegations against mayor, councilman

Posted: 9:45 PM, Jun 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-06-13 04:39:25Z
Fraser officials accused of sexual harassment

Fraser city council met behind closed doors Monday night, talking about sexual harassment allegations against the mayor and another councilman.

Emotions were running high at a special meeting at Fraser city hall.

Charisse Radhs jumped up screaming at Mayor Joe Nichols and Councilman Matte Hemelberg calling them "embarrassing" and "disgusting."

Officers were called in to calm her down, while the mayor demanded she be removed from the meeting.

For the first time, council members are hearing about sexual harassment allegations made by some city workers against Mayor Nichols and Councilman Hemelberg.

7 Action News obtained letters sent to both men, informing them about this investigation, stating they received several complaints by workers. The council went behind closed doors to hear about the accusations for more than two hours, and learn more about any alleged victims.

Outside one man wore a shirt saying "No means No" with a mug shot of the mayor.

Gudrun Goetz is in favor of the closed door session, but eventually wants everything on the table. If there are any victims, she feels they need to be protected in a closed door setting.

Goetz says, "There has been some things people haven't been truthful about. We just want our city back."

Both men at the center of this investigation declined to comment on advice of their attorney. No one on council wanted to talk on record about these allegations.