Heated comments on Mayor Jim Fouts fire up Warren city council meeting

Posted at 10:46 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 23:12:29-04

A protest outside the city council meeting in Warren on Tuesday night led to some heated moments and a police escort out.

The protest originally started around 6:30 on Tuesday night, with a couple dozen marchers, asking for Warren Mayor Jim Fouts to resign and apologize.

It was organized by Rev. W. J. Rideout.  He said the protestors will continue to voice their disapproval of Fouts, by boycotting businesses that support him.

The protestors are angry about the racist and degrading comments that Fouts is accused of making during several recordings.  Fouts has continued to denied it is him on the recording.

Once the meeting got started, the speakers, both for and against the mayor waited nearly five hours for the public comment section.

Once they did, things started to get heated.

"I'm here to tell you Fouts is the devil, Fouts is carrying out the will of the devil, he's a crook. He's threatening people and he needs to stop, I'm here to tell you Ill be back with more people,” said Rev. Rideout.

One protestor was escorted off the speaking area by the Warren Police.

There was a lot of yelling from the crowd.

Along with supporters of Fouts getting angry at the council as well.

"If you guys are going to sit around and keep letting these clowns come here from wherever they're coming from to come here and try to shut this city down, then you guys are going to be responsible for it, it's time to put this matter to rest, it's time to put it to rest,” said Jerry Tommy Bell Jr., friend and supporter of Fouts.

The mayor was not present at the meeting.