Man hits curb, launches car into home in Shelby Township

Posted at 8:28 PM, Jul 04, 2016

Shelby Township police say a car crashed into a home Saturday night after going through a dead-end roadway.

According to police, the driver was on the road that dead-ended at Van Dyke, and kept going. He then hit a curb which sent him into the house.

Police say there were minor injuries.

In a post on Facebook, police wanted to let people know that was the reason they couldn't respond to fireworks calls.

"For those of you who said we "didn't care" when you called in your fireworks complaints, please know that we do care, but that sometimes other calls take priority. THIS car-in-a-house, for example. Please stay safe out there, team. Celebrate responsibly and look out for each other. Happy 4th of July!" they posted.