Mystery substance covers areas in Harrison Twp.

Posted at 4:56 PM, Feb 17, 2016

Residents in one Harrison Township neighborhood are baffled as to what a black substance is that is spattered all over cars, porches, driveways and more.

Paul Schlutow came home to find it scattered all over his property, and he can't get answers from anyone.

It's been found on another five to seven houses on Ballard and Edman streets in Harrison Township.

On Wednesday, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials came out to collect samples of the mystery substance. The fire chief said it's not bird droppings, and it's not flammable. It has an ash and oily consistency.

Some resident think it could have come from an airplane since Selfridge Air National Guard Base is so close by, but Selfridge said there is no indication the substance came from any type of military aircraft.

They could have test results back by next week.