Rizzo workers help rescue injured man after fall

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 29, 2016

Fran Holman is beyond appreciative.

"We just want to thank them so much for going above and beyond their job to help somebody out," the Roseville resident said. 

Holman's husband, Doug, is recovering at a local rehabilitation center. He had surgery for a broken hip following a mishap last Tuesday as he set out on roller blades with his two dogs for some exercise.

"He comes down the driveway and the dogs see a squirrel and he lost his balance and ended up in the middle of the street," Holman said.

Fortunately, it was trash day in the neighborhood.

Chad Redman and Jeremy Cooper work for Rizzo Environmental Services. They were at the end of the block and saw the 66-year old fall. They reached him before anything more could happen.

"I jumped out of the truck and ran over there," said Redman, who has been employed by the company for two years. "I started screaming, 'Are you all right?' and he said 'No'."

Jeremy Cooper works the Roseville route with Redman.

"I thought he was having a heart attack, so we got over there as quickly as we could," said Cooper. "I'm happy he's all right."

Cooper secured the dogs and knocked on the door to alert Holman's wife. They then picked up Holman and got him situated in his car so he could be driven to the hospital. 

"Anybody would have stopped," Redman said. "Anybody would have done the exact same thing."

But the good deed could not go without recognition, according to Fran Holman.

"I felt it was really important that people know what these two fellas did for us," Holman said. "They didn't have to.".