Rockwood police say man hid girlfriend's dead body for up to a month

ROCKWOOD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mystery surrounds the death of a woman in the quiet community of Rockwood.  Police found her body wrapped in plastic at a home on Candace Street early Sunday morning. 

Monday the medical examiner completed an initial autopsy, but failed to answer a big question. How did this woman die? There is no obvious sign of trauma, perhaps because of the condition of her body. 

“We believe that she may have been deceased for up to a month,” said Randy Krause, Rockwood Police Chief.

Krause says the medical examiner sent out blood samples for analysis and is working with Michigan State Police to find out how the woman died. Was it murder?  Or something else? 

Police say they found the woman after her boyfriend went to a neighbors house  with a wild story. 

 "Our next door neighbor was knocking at the door and we didn't know what was going on he was really frantic he was saying there was armed men in his house with children and they were going to shoot,” said Thaddeus Tomic. 

Police found no armed men or children, just the woman’s body in a locked bedroom wrapped in plastic. Police say they believe the woman, who is in her 30s, was in a relationship with the man now in custody, who is in his 50s.  The couple only recently moved to Rockwood, less than two months ago from out of state.  The man is in jail awaiting charges. 

“He tried to conceal the death by wrapping her in plastic. We don’t know what his intentions were to do with the body, but that is a crime and we are holding him on that,” says Krause. 

The man is expected to be arraigned as soon as tomorrow.  His name and the name of the woman who died are not yet being released. As a result police are getting many calls from families searching for missing women.   Police want the public to know  her family has been notified of her death. 

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