Facebookers beware: Scam uses your friends to fleece you

Holly woman is victim of new social media scam
Posted at 11:15 PM, May 12, 2017

Robin Campbell of Holly thought she was going to cash in. It all started with a text message from someone she thought was a Facebook friend.

"Did you hear about the big winnings I got? And I said no. And she said yeah, $150,000 from Facebook and iTunes," Campbell said.

All Robin had to do was call a number and fork over a $1,000 worth of iTunes gift cards. She got suspicious, Googled the number for Facebook, and made a call.

But the voice of the other end kept the scam going.

"Seeings how you called me directly. He says I can do it for 700," a man named "Justin" said.

Soon Robin got another text, "Welcome to the Government Facebook Max Lottery," it said.

Agent Thompson Newton promised a $150,000 payout.  All Robin had to do was send her name, address, age, martial status and email address. She got two "certificates of ownership" and an offer of cash or check.

But check was spelled c-h-e-q-u-e. Suspicious, Robin called Apple tech support and got the scoop.

"He says 'yep it's a scam don't do it'," Robin said.

Robin isn't out any money, but now she can no longer log it Facebook. She's replacing her phone and warning her friends and you.

"I've been scammed, almost caught up before, and I don't play that game," she said.