Family blames Petland Novi after pet dies days after purchase

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 19:06:58-05

A Waterford family is in mourning following the death of their purebred Great Dane puppy they bought from Petland Novi.

The Davis family bought the dog hoping it would be a companion for their 1-year-old dog "Rider." Instead of an addition to the family they ended up with heartache.

“It was devastating to see that she was going through this with her life at just 10-weeks old,” said Ryan Davis, the dog’s owner.

Their puppy, Diamond, became sick mere days after she was purchased.

The family scrambled to save the dog's life opting to take her to an emergency veterinary clinic where the dog was treated with antibiotics. The family watched for two days as the dog's health quickly declined, she was so sick that the family could only watch her behind glass in an oxygen chamber.

After days in the hospital, the Davis family said the had to make the difficult decision to put the dog down. They said that Diamond's chances of survival had slipped below 50-percent, and she was clearly in pain.

A veterinarian told the Davis family that Diamond tested positive for Bordetella PCR, Canine Adenovirus, Mycoplasma Cynos and Canine Pneumoviris before she died.

The Davis’ believe Diamond was sick and that the dog’s illnesses were hidden. Making matters worse, there was questions about whether the warranty on the dog would be paid out.

The Davis family came to 7 Action News when they became concerned about the more than $4,500 purchase price of the dog, and the veterinary bills, that they believed should be paid under the dog’s 14-day warranty.

According to Elizabeth Davis, there was talk that they would be offered a replacement dog instead of a refund. She said that was something she was unwilling to consider, afraid that their family would be forced to watch another dog die.

“Our heart is still tore apart,” said Elizabeth Davis. “I mean, we bought a dog to be our best friend and now we don’t have it.”

“Our daughter — she burst into tears,” said Ryan Davis. “She cried the whole night. She didn’t want to go to school the next day.”

7 Action News got involved and made calls to the store and it’s third-party warranty service based in Florida. A store manager said that no comment could be made, and the phone service had an answering machine that stated the office was closed for the next two days.

The company, after a lot of behind-the-scenes work, agreed to offer a complete refund.

They issued a statement saying, in part, “At Petland Novi, the health and well-being of our pets is our number one priority. Unfortunately, sometimes puppies, like babies, get sick, which is why we have an extensive health warranty.”

The statement went on to say: “We are heartbroken that the Davis family lost their pet. The vet bills have already been covered for the Davis Family and a check for a complete refund has been issued and is ready for the family, which can be picked up without any additional signatures or documentation.”

The Davis family said they hope others hear their story and weigh their options before making a decision about where to purchase a family pet.

Asked if she would consider going back, Elizabeth Davis said there is no chance.

“I would never. Never. Never again, and shame on that owner,” said Davis. “Shame on the owner for selling puppies like that out of Petland.”