Local cardiologist and restaurant owner named PETA's sexiest vegan over 50

Posted at 5:01 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 17:01:11-04

Who doesn't like a sexy man that loves animals?

PETA has named a local man the "Sexiest Vegan Over 50." Dr. Joel Kahn is a cardiologist, but some say he's more of a "heartbreaker."

He is also the owner of GreenSpace Cafe in Ferndale.

It all started when PETA hosted the online competition to name the sexiest male and female vegans, over and under the age of 50.

One of Dr. Kahn's friend submitted him in the contest using a racy picture.

"When this restaurant was under construction, we had a bust up part of the floor and I grabbed the jack hammer from one of the workers, I happened to have no shirt, it was very hot in the middle of summer."

Dr. Kahn and his family opened the vegan restaurant just 10 months ago. He has been eating a vegan diet for the past 40 years.

"It really was medical school and medical training that solidified it all, because right when I finished cardiology training, solid data came out that eating this way could be very good for your heart health," he explained.

Dr. Kahn says there are three reasons folks should consider a vegan diet.

"One is health. Two, I really care about the environment. Eating less animal products, eating more plant products dramatically drops the amount of carb emissions," he added. "And the last is animal rights."

Dr. Kahn said a good way to see if a vegan diet is right for you is try GreenSpace Cafe's food.