Local couple searching for lost engagement ring

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 18:20:39-05

A newly engaged couple was hoping to have the best New Year celebration when instead, it turned into a night of heartbreak.

The engagement ring, a ring that had been in James Frisch’s family for decades, somehow disappeared.

On New Year’s Eve, the couple had a limo bus with friends to the Magic Bag Theater in Ferndale for the Mega 80s New Year’s Bash.

“She has a nervous habit of playing with it on her finger. She slides it up and down. She twirls it. We have only been engaged for a few months so it’s something new.  It’s something exiting on her hand so she likes to play with it,” Frisch said. “Next thing you know, we were on the bus ride home and it’s gone. She thinks maybe it just slipped off her knuckle.”

For the first few hours of the new year, the couple and their friends searched the theater and the limo with no luck.

To the couple, the ring is priceless. Not only is it uniquely shaped like a rose, but it was James’ mother’s ring for 35 years.

Both the limo company and the Magic Bag Theater employees have searched for the ring.

The Magic Bag’s general manager, Robert Littleton, told 7 Action News they have posted its disappearance on Facebook.

“It’s bad karma to steal especially something of this magnitude,” said Littleton. “I hope someone would call up and say, hey I found this and return this to its rightful owner.”

James’ fiancée is too distraught to talk on camera, but says it would mean the world to them, to have heirloom again.

“The sentimental value is just priceless to us.  We don’t have much.  We have the ring and the ring meant everything to us.”

The couple is offering a cash reward for anyone who returns the ring, no questions asked. You can contact James at