Metro Detroit family worries father may be deported, await judge's ruling

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 06:38:31-04

Kabob and More hasn't been the same since June 11th. That's the day it's owner Hadeel Khalasawi was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and sent to Ohio, where the Iraqi national has been ever since.

Photos show a glimpse of life behind the correctional center walls.

Every man in the photos, facing the same uncertainty, wishing to see their families again. One-hundred and fourteen have been detained for criminal records.

We talked to Khalasawi by phone, as he sat behind bars.

He told us, "If we get sent back to Iraq, we will be dead or beheaded."

His wife is now left to run the Hazel Park restaurant on her own, the daily grind usually her husband's job. But with three kids, she's feeling the heat.

Khalasawi, who came to America when he was 3, did get in trouble when he was 17, serving time for a weapons charge. 

His family claims the 43-year-old is a changed man.

Sumar Zora, his wife, says, "Why did they let him come out here and get married, and start a family with an American citizen? And now they are going to take that all away from me and my kids?"

Zora has not seen her husband since he was taken away from their Shelby Township home in handcuffs.

These families are waiting for a judge's ruling that could come down anytime in the next few days, allowing hearings for each individual case.

We're told a protest is scheduled for Sunday, July 23rd in Sterling Heights at the corner of 14 Mile Road and Ryan at 3:00 pm.