Madison Heights School Board candidate under fire with new racist rant on Facebook

Posted at 7:26 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 20:56:02-04

A Madison Heights man running for the local school board in the November 8th election, is continuing to stir controversy after posting another racist rant online following a 7 Action News report exposing his behavior.

Wayne Reif has come under fire for posting family-like photos, with young black children, who appear to be under his supervision, but who are not his own children.

He uses questionable humor to mock them.

In a photo from Halloween weekend, he being the only white man with the black children, he captions, “As you can see...all four boys have their masks on.”

Another photo features two of the children in a bathtub eating watermelon. He captions, “I don’t care what you say…this is funny!!”

Finally, in a post Halloween night, he takes a shot at children in general, posting, “The one night of the year I wish I was actually on the sex offender list.” He later adds, “Perhaps the parents would keep those little snot nosed brats away from my house and off my lawn???”

Today, in response to our original story, Reif posted a picture of a young black child mowing the lawn, with the caption, “shocked the tv station didn’t pick up on this pic. Imagine the “slave labor” stories they could have done!!.”

Reif declined comment today, but told us yesterday it is his brand of humor.

The 7 Investigators also dug into who the children living at Reif's home are.

We’ve learned from sources, Reif began taking in foreign exchange students a few years ago. Three years ago the Madison Heights school district reported him to CPS after an undisclosed allegation. The student was removed and he was stripped of his hosting status. The police department launched an investigation as well, but a lack of evidence led to no charges.

Since then, he has reportedly been opening his home to disadvantaged children who have nowhere to go.

Two of those young men, now adults but still living with Reif, spoke exclusively to 7 Action News in his defense.

"I see why people would be offended. It is ignorant on Wayne's part [but] he doing it [sic] to be funny," one young man said of the postings.

"If Wayne was really a racist person would he let 5 African Americans stay at his house?"

Action News also obtained a log of Reif’s Facebook postings dating back years. It's filled with questionable content and pictures of these young men in his home.