Metro Detroit native missing after USS John S. McCain collision in Pacific

Local sailor missing in USS McCain collision
Posted at 10:50 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 09:53:42-04

The mother of a U.S sailor missing after a collision overseas is speaking out and praying her son is found.

The USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore early Monday morning. 10 U.S. Sailors are missing.

April Brandon tells me officers came by her home to speak with her, telling her they are searching for her son Kenneth and doing everything they can.

“One of his friends sent us a message, they'd seen the article about the USS McCain colliding with a tanker,” she says.

“The Naval officer came over to tell me he's missing,” Brandon says. “That's the last update that we have.”

The collision happened around 5:24 am just off the coast of Singapore.

For Kenneth, wanting to serve his country and be in the Navy was a family thing

“His father was in the Navy, his stepmother had been in the Navy, my father was in the Navy,” Brandon says.

Now, all she can do is pray and wait, hoping for the best

“His father and I couldn't be prouder of our son,” she says. “He's a great kid he's a hero.”

Brandon tells me she has family with her and she is hoping her son is found soon.

As for the collision, it’s the second involving a US ship in two months.  Back in June, seven sailors died when the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan.