Local mom fighting to regain custody of daughter

Posted at 7:52 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 21:48:23-05

A Bloomfield Hills mom says her daughter was “medically kidnapped.” 

Child Protective Services has forced 17-year-old Leiani McMichael to live in Oakland County’s Children’s Village. CPS is accusing mom of failing to give her proper medical care.
Rebecca Campos says as her daughter Leiani enjoyed a music lesson at her house in early November, she saw Child Protective Services workers walking up to her home. 

She had to tell her daughter they were there to take her. 

“She said, ‘Take me? What does that mean mom?' I said, 'I don’t know,’” said Rebecca.

Rebecca says the terrifying thing is that she still doesn’t know what it means.

“Up until February 2015, Leiani was completely healthy, an amazing, thriving child,” said Rebecca.

The now 17-year old started complaining. Her stomach hurt. Doctors then diagnosed her with hernias, cysts, and removed her appendix. When she couldn’t keep food down, they gave her a feeding tube.

“Nobody could answer. Nobody knew why it got so extreme that a feeding tube had to be in place,” said Rebecca.

Then there was a problem with the feeding tube as Leiani visited her father who lives in California. Leiani needed surgery.

"After surgery Leiani didn’t wake up. She went into a coma,” said Rebecca.

She remained unconscious for days. When she did finally wake up, mom says Leiani was weak, needed a wheelchair, had memory problems and started having seizures.

She took her to doctor after doctor searching for answers. Then, one doctor at the University of Michigan diagnosed her with conversion disorder. The doctor said Leiani didn’t need a feeding tube or a wheelchair. The problem was in her head.

"I said okay,” said Rebecca  “How do we fix this?”

The doctor at the University of Michigan contacted CPS. She said abuse could have caused the possible conversion disorder. Rebecca says different doctors disagreed. She says as she tried to figure it out, CPS showed up. 

“I miss her so much,” said Rebecca, who hasn’t been allowed to even have a supervised conversation over the phone with her daughter.

Documents filed by prosecutors say, “Numerous physicians have performed unnecessary surgeries, diagnostic procedures, and other medical treatment based upon the parent's false or exaggerated reports.”

Court documents claim Leiani’s health is improving now that she is in the care of Children’s Village. She is having fewer “episodes” that her mother called seizures.

“Leiani was previously wheelchair bound. Leiani is now standing and taking steps. Leiani was previously on a feeding tube and would spit out table food, despite being viewed eating food at ties with no problems, when unaware of observation. Since removal, Leiani has kept food down, such as bread and a cookie,” says a document filed by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

Leiani’s mom says her daughter has been showing improvement since coming out of the coma.  She was walking and eating what she could while at home as well.

She now is hoping a trial next month will prove her innocence and reunite her with her daughter.

“I have never done anything to make her sick, and I always have done my best,” said Rebecca.