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New warning after thieves target metro Detroit mailboxes for checks

Posted at 7:30 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 19:30:35-05

There’s a new twist in mail theft that has police asking residents in Franklin and Bingham Farm to be extra cautious.

Usually this time of year we hear reports of packages being delivered then stolen off of porches, but police say now thieves are targeting outgoing mail.

It’s the holiday season, generosity abounds and thieves look for ways to take advantage.

If you have something important to mail, a check to pay a bill or cash for a relative’s birthday, police say it’s safest to mail it at the post office or in an official mailbox.

Franklin Police Chief Dan Roberts says lately outgoing mail has been stolen. 

“Mostly from residential boxes along 13 Mile Road between Franklin and Telegraph, but we have had some in Bingham Farms, as well east of Telegraph,” says Roberts.

Chief Roberts says use the post office if you are mailing something important.

“It’s much safer there than raising a flag at your home and, basically, raising a red flag for criminals who want to steal mail right from your mail box,” he says.

So far there are no leads on suspects - so pay attention, be extra alert, look out for your neighbors and report anything suspicious to police.