Oakland Township firefighters save ducklings trapped in storm drain

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jun 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 08:15:20-04

After a concerned resident called the fire department when she saw a mother duck pacing back and forth in front of a storm drain, crews responded and were able to save the ducklings trapped inside.

According to fire crews, the woman said she believed it was a deep storm drain, and said she could hear the ducklings but not see them.

When crews drove by to assess the situation, the mother duck was still standing near the storm drain. It turned out to be a shallow drain, and a firefighter was able to use the ladder built into it and retrieve the ducklings.

They placed the ducklings in a nearby garden. The mother duck came back a short time later to get them and they went off.