Possible prank leads to police investigations in White Lake

Posted at 6:50 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 18:50:58-05

There are strange reports coming into the White Lake Police Department. They all involve a strange man or people, dressed all in black and driving a white cargo van.

The first victim was in the parking lot of this Meijer on M-59 on Valentine’s Day.  She made eye contact with a suspicious man dressed all in black near a white van.  He appeared to try to hide behind the vehicle.  She wondered what he was doing.

As she walked in she could see him creepily following her, while apparently trying to stay out of sight.  People noticed.

“Another female subject approached her, asked if she knew she was being watched. She said she did.  They then called White Lake Police Department,” said Lt. Larry Sheldon of the White Lake Township Police Department.
A man saw it happen and was so concerned, he asked the women if they were okay. When he then approached the man, he took off.

The next day there was another incident near Billy’s Tip’n Inn. A customer came inside the restaurant and raised a concern with the owner about what he saw nearby.

“Advised him there were several people in a white cargo van, jumping out at people, startling them,” said Sheldon.

Again, the people were dressed in black.  

Are these incidents related? What is the goal of these people dressed in black in a white cargo van? Are they trying to commit some crime and failing, or is fear their goal?

“We don’t know if it is a prank,” said Sheldon. “We are doing a follow up investigation. I have officers working on it right now.”

Lt Larry Sheldon says if it is a prank it needs to stop before someone, perhaps the possible pranksters, gets hurt.