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UPDATE: One record-breaking cat reportedly spotted in Farmington Hills

Posted at 4:43 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 19:27:07-05

UPDATE: One of the cats has been spotted.

Arcturus has been sighted near Power Road and 11 Mile. Owners are trying to track the cat through a blue tooth collar that pings when you are within 500 feet of the animal. 

Owner Will Powers is offering a $25,000 reward, to be paid in bitcoin, for finding any one of the cats. 


Volunteers have been leaving food and setting up traps, hoping to catch the cats that are still missing after a house fire in Farmington Hills.

Two of the three cats were featured in the Guinness Book of World Records; Cygnus has the record for the longest tail and Arcturus holds the record for the tallest domestic cat. They were featured on Pickler & Ben just last week.

"I can't imagine the loss and heartbreak they are experiencing right now," said Patty McCormick of the Ferndale Cat Shelter.

She is hoping the three cats got out alive after the home was destroyed by a fire Sunday morning.

"They've got to be terrified right now."

The homeowner, Dr. Will Powers, has been a supporter of the organization, but now his family is getting some help from the shelter.

Volunteers have been looking for the cats.

Cygnus has record for the longest tail and Arcturus holds the record for the tallest domestic cat. 

"Arcturus has been our ambassador for the organization," McCormick explained. "Just looking and seeing if they see any evidence of the cats because we don't want to give up hope."

Fire investigators have not been able to go through the rubble to determine the cause of the fire and if the cats got out alive.

They have to investigate at the same time as the insurance company.

"Our greatest hope is that we will find their three babies."

Many viewers asked if they could help the family with donations, but the homeowners are asking all donations to go towards the Ferndale Cat Shelter.

"That's the kind of people they are. So incredibly kind and generous and incredibly supportive of our organization."

You can make a donation here: