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Waterford Twp.: 'We're doing all we can' for thousands dropped by trash hauler

Posted at 8:58 AM, Nov 06, 2019

WATERFORD TOWNSHP, Mich. (WXYZ) — It’s a couple we introduced you to on Monday night. Elaine and Jim Larson, retired and now scrambling to figure out what to do with trash that at this point has no scheduled pick up date.

They’re just two of the more than 11,000 Waterford Township residents now left in a tight spot after hauler Advanced Disposal notified customers that customers would abruptly be dropped.

It comes two months after the township voted to move to a single hauler system in 2020, contracting exclusively with hauler, GFL.

Advanced Disposal sites personnel issues as a reason behind the pull out, and declined comment. Meantime thousands have been in a scurry to find another service. Despite three other haulers still operating, it hasn’t been easy. Customers tell 7 Action News they have tried calling some services that they say they can't, meanwhile others haven't called back.

At this point, two of the three still operating, Kidd's and TNR disposal, no longer have capacity to take on more customers, forcing thousands of residents to rely on GFL at a rate of $165 for a 5 month period.

But Larson — and many others writing in to 7 Action News via social media — are asking why the township couldn't do more to help bridge the gap. Wall says they're doing all they can to help during this tough transition.

"Could we have done more? Yah, in an ideal world, yes, but we did talk to GFL," Wall said.

Township supervisor Gary Wall says did ask that GFL keep its rates down but ultimately they can't force them. GFL is an independent company, and it's not a part of their contractual agreement with the township.

However, Wall argues the short term pain will be followed by long term gain, with the incoming contract rate for residents dropping to 37 dollars a quarter.

"It’s outstanding, especially compared to prices of $33 a month," said Wall.

Meantime residents are concerned about paying for two services at once. Jim and Elaine Larson have already paid Advanced Disposal to pick up trash over the next few months. Now they have to shell out another $165 to GFL on top of that.

All customers have been promised a refund by Advanced Disposal, but it's unclear when it's expected.

Meantime, others have voiced concerns over GFL taking on thousands of new customers. Some say they have not been notified by GFL about when their trash will be picked up.

For those having issues getting answers, the township has offered help by reaching out to them on your behalf.

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