American Flag modified to show LGBT support triggers flap in Ann Arbor neighborhood

Posted at 5:51 PM, Nov 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 17:52:01-05

The last election has divided our country and it is dividing one quiet neighborhood in Ann Arbor.

A flag flap started the day after the election and continues to grow with more people joining in.

Iroquois Place has become a microcosm of our current place in history.

It is all over colors, the red, white and blue, and new versions with the colors of diversity and the LGBT community.

Susan Pearlman and her husband put up the new flag in June, after the attack on the gay bar in Florida. Their daughter is a lesbian, living in California.

A discourse then started on flowered stationary and a rather long, emotionally charged handwritten note.

There was no name or signature and 3 weeks later another came, still anonymous.

A line in the note says: i am proud of our freedoms and have great reverence for the men and woman who fought for our freedoms and the flag itself.

One homeowner flies old glory, he’s about to add the new second version. Not because of any pressure to fit in, but to be inclusive.

If the flag flap on Iroquois Place continues, the people we talked with hope this message of inclusivity prevails.