Ann Arbor parents question why school is open during heat wave

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 06:57:18-04

Some parents in the Ann Arbor School District say they are deeply concerned about the district’s decision to remain open during this unseasonably hot and humid weather.

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They say they fear for the kids’ safety at the older buildings, which have no A/C.

The parents I spoke with say they have been concerned since Friday - and say they can't believe the district isn't canceling classes.

But what really has them fuming is an email that went out, stating that staff will be keeping an eye on kids for signs of heat exhaustion. Now they're wondering if they've been trained on how to do that. 

A parent who wanted to conceal his identity says he’s couldn't hide his concern about the safety of kids in the Ann Arbor School District during the recent heat wave. 

The frustrated parent says his son has come from home from school visibly irritated by the heat and what has him even more heated, he says the district sent out an email to parents titled heat advisory.

The problem? It states that staff will be monitoring kids for heat exhaustion. 

The parent says the district’s emailed response to keep schools open and monitor kids is not okay. He wants classes canceled for at least the young children and points out we don't leave kids in hot cars or buses for a reason - and in his mind this is no different.

 The district quickly responded to parents who are concerned by saying:

Staff will open windows and increase airflow through classrooms while outside air is cooler, 

Ensure frequent water breaks for everyone, and emphasize the importance of hydration, and

Provide additional fans into schools, and where possible, relocate classrooms away from some of the hottest locations. 

The district also says parents with children who are sensitive to the heat should keep them home, something the parent we spoke with says he now plans to do.