Protestors and President Trump supporters gather outside Wilow Run airport before speech on autos

Posted at 5:24 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 17:24:14-04

A couple hundred people gathered outside Willow Run airport in Ypsilanti to protest President Donald Trump's visit to Michigan. 

Many carried signs. There was chanting and singing but the Presidential motorcade never passed by those who had gathered. 

"I'm marching for the voiceless today," said Terry Ahwal. "I'm marching because people need health care. It's a right, not a privilege." 

Karen Moss also mentioned health care policy among her numerous disagreements with the President's policies.

 "I do not believe he is responsible for bringing jobs back, I think that is another con job," Moss told 7 Action News. "I think our auto executives are responsible for that."

Ypsilanti resident Derek Justice stood in the cold with his entire family. They brought home made signs with them.

"It's a civics experiment of the kids to see how things actually work to engage and give voice to their cause and the cause of others around them," Justice said.

The Trump supporters were far fewer in number, but just as vocal with their views.

"We gotta get off of that stuff of dividing this country and jell together and get behind a President that's there for the next four years and let him lead, let him do what he's got to do," said Edward Nyhus, a retired union representatives in the skilled trades.

He called himself a Trump Democrat.

Bus loads of employees from GM. Ford and Fiat Chrysler were on hand to hear the President speak at the American Center for Mobility. The workers 7 Action News spoke with want to see the good times continue in the industry.

"They're getting better, yup," said Ed Guigar, a member of the skilled trades at Fiat Chrysler's Sterling Stamping plant in Sterling Heights. "Make America great again," he added, saying he's on board with the President and his message. 

Butch Butcher, a dye maintenance supervisor at the plant, also wants to see the good times continue for the auto industry. 

"Right now we're booming and hopefully we stay the way," said Butcher.