Caught on video: Thief steals trailer containing restored chassis to man's dream hot rod

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 22:17:48-05

A local mechanic is devastated after his trailer was stolen from a business in Allen Park. 

It that wasn't bad enough, the trailer was carrying one of his most prized possessions - the chassis for his dream hot rod.

"For somebody to come and take all that hard work away from me is devastating," David Tabin said. He described the feeling as having someone rip his heart out.

The trailer was stolen from behind Towers Service, an auto repair shop in Allen Park. Tabin manages the shop.

"I've always worked on everyone else's hot rods and one day I was hoping to have my own," Tabin told Action News. "And now it's gone."

Video from a shop security camera shows the bold thief driving onto the property in a Ford E-Series Van at approximately 4:55 a.m. Tuesday. He was seen backing the van into a gate where the trailer was stored. The gate was pushed open, which should have triggered a security alarm but Tabin said neither he nor police was contacted.

The man spent approximately 45 minutes behind the business, loading scrap radiators and rotors into his van before turning his attention to the 28-foot box trailer. Tabin said he had $400 worth of locks on the trailer but the thief managed to drill through them before attaching the trailer to the hitch on the back of his van and driving away.

Video shows he even took the time to close the gate behind him before pulling out onto Moran Road in making his getaway.

Tabin said he spent $25,000 rebuilding the chassis for the 1968 Chevelle SS that was to become his pride and joy.

Work on the car's body is nearly complete but that's all Tabin will be left with unless the trailer can be recovered.

"The whole chassis, from radiator, engine, drive train, exhaust, tires, suspension, it's sitting there waiting to have the body set back on it," Tabin said.

The custom trailer, which Tabin bought in January to store the car, was insured however the chassis was not, he said.

"I feel like one of my kids got stolen," said Tabin. 

The 28-foot trailer is silver with a chrome diagonal stripe. Tabin is hopeful someone might see it or the thief will come to realize people are now on the look-out and he'll leave it abandoned with the chassis still inside.

"I hope to get it back, that's all I ask. The chances are slim but I hope to get it back," said Tabin.

If you see the trailer or know anything about this crime, call Allen Park Police. They can be reached at 313-386-7800.