Dearborn Heights custodians who blew whistle react to OSHA report

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jun 30, 2016

Two Dearborn Heights school custodians say they feel vindicated after OSHA released findings saying the district covered up asbestos.

Theresa Ely and Robert Smith blew the whistle in 2012 after they were told to dry sand floor tiles with asbestos at Annapolis High School.

Among the violations OSHA found, the agency says the district directed them to perform work knowing asbestos was there.

They did the work without training or protective gear, according to their findings. It also shows the district falsified and covered up the first round of asbestos testing.

Ely is happy about the new report, but now wants testing on anyone who may have been inside the school at the time.

She was also awarded more than $8,000 for lost wages and more than $195,000 for medical bills and emotional stress.