Dearborn Heights neighbors deal with power outage during Friday's high heat

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 23:22:15-04

A long, hot day is stretching into a warm night for hundreds of DTE customers.

They lost power this afternoon and tonight many of them are still in the dark and still without fans and air conditioners.

For more than a thousand DTE customers in Dearborn Heights the power couldn't have gone out at a worse time.

Usually Haidar Haidar is the guy you call when you can't keep cool. Now he's the one waiting for relief and its been a long wait at that.

His house lost power at noon! By this evening the only thermostat on his mind was his own.

"When it's 97 degrees outside it's going to be hot. The thermostat's like 80 degrees, 85 degrees inside," he says.
DTE crews won't say what caused the outages. But we spotted one crew replacing a downed wire.

As the sun sets on a long, hot day, quiet scenes out of a Norman Rockwell painting are playing out on many streets - neighbors gather on the front porch to catch up on each other's lives and maybe catch a welcome summer breeze to make them feel fine.

"We got a breeze, you know. It's fine. It's okay. Hope it comes back on soon," says Nancy Coleman.