Downriver dogs will soon have an indoor pool to swim in all year round

Posted at 4:46 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 17:49:52-05

Wish it was summer year round? Your dog may feel the same way, especially if they love being in the water!

A new indoor pool is becoming a hit with dogs in Trenton.

"There is nowhere for dogs to swim in the winter. There is no clean place for them to swim in the summer," said Colleen Medere, the owner of Bubble Puppy Pool House.

The Bubble Puppy Pool House is a place where the doggie paddle is the preferred swimming style.

The indoor pool was inspired by Colleen's dogs who love the water.

"So I talked with my husband about putting an in-ground pool in our backyard. Looked at the cost and went, 'for three months out of the year?' Did not want to do it."

The pool house is attached to Colleen's dog grooming business. She says there is no other indoor dog pool like this in the Midwest.

What makes it unique? It is not just used for therapy session, it's also for recreation.

"We've already booked dog birthday parties," she said. "People want to get together with their friends and bring dogs they are used to playing with and let them come in here and celebrate their birthday."

All the swim time is good for their health.

"Weight loss is huge for dogs nowadays. We are all getting heavier and so are our dogs. We don't have time for that, we can take them swimming. Fifteen minutes of swimming will equal about a five mile run for a dog."

Because this isn't a typical pool, Colleen had to do a lot of research. She found salt water is a better option.

"The filter system, the skimmer system, everything has to be above and beyond because you are dealing with dog hair and you are dealing with dogs going in water."

The pool opens to the public next week. They will offer swim lessons and life jackets to novice pups.

When they're all done, you can rinse the dogs and dry them.

"I want people to bring their dogs in and give it a try."

The Bubble Puppy Pool House officially opens on February 14.

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