Good Samaritans provide live saving help to metro Detroit carjacking victim

Posted at 10:34 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 11:03:20-04

A local father nearly lost his life after being robbed at gunpoint and his car was stolen.

But Torrence Hill says all he could think about was what was inside his vehicle - medication for his two young daughters who have severe asthma.

A 7 Action News viewer is coming to the rescue by giving this family brand new equipment that was stolen.

This story really inspired lots of viewers to reach out and see how they could help. When he told viewers about this story on Facebook Live, we got tons of messages and responses.

We connected the family to a very generous viewer and now Torrence hill’s daughters got the equipment they needed.

Raikia Burns is one of many 7 Action News viewers who stepped up and offered to help hill.

Burns says his story really hit home with her.

Burns says she lost almost the same equipment hill did in a house fire a few years back.

She lost a breathing machine - solution and inhalers - and says she understands the anxiety this concerned father was feeling.

 “It was just a heart wrenching situation not knowing if something happened how would I be able to get them the help they need immediately,” she says.

We told hill about this generous 7 Action News viewer. He drove from his east side Detroit home to Burns’ home in Redford to pick up the breathing machines and inhalers his daughters desperately need.

“It means the world to me,” he says. “It means there is people that care.”

Burns was one of many who reached out to us after our story aired. Hills say everyone that offered deserves much praise.

“Thank you to everybody,” he says. “Everybody count your blessings, I feel like I’m very blessed at this moment.”

Hill is still without his car, his wallet, and let’s not forget the carjackers fired two shots back at him as they drove off.

Hill tells us none of that matters now that he has a breathing machine for his two young daughters.