Grandma of 7 y.o. killed in Taylor speaks out

Posted at 4:56 PM, Dec 05, 2015

7 Action News spoke to Pam Watson Friday night, the grandmother of 7-year old Emma Watson-Nowling and mother of Sharon Watson.

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The mother and daughter were shot outside the Taylor Sportsplex Thursday night.

Pam tells us her daughter, Sharon, remains in serious condition in the hospital.

Watson says there were never any signs that family friend 57-year old Tim Obeshaw was battling any mental illness. She says he was never unstable or anything but a trusted friend before the shooting.

Police are now trying to solve the mystery why Obeshaw targeted Emma and her mother before shooting and killing himself. They say they found evidence Obeshaw believed someone was trying to control his mind.

Police say Obeshaw was seen earlier that evening hugging Emma during soccer practice. Shortly after 8 p.m. Obeshaw approached Emma and Sharon Elizabeth Watson as the two were leaving, and he shot into their vehicle.

"He struck the child first and then opened fire on the mother, and then turned and shot and killed himself," Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said.

Police found a 9mm gun legally registered to Obeshaw next to his body. Obeshaw was also a CPL holder.

Obeshaw had been living in a makeshift apartment behind the house where Emma lived with her mother, and Emma's father. We're told he recently moved away this summer.

Emma and her mother were rushed to the hospital. Emma died late Thursday night at Children's Hospital. Watson remains in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.

Outside the Taylor police station Friday, Emma's soccer coach, Mario Scicluna, struggled to process the news.
"Nothing makes sense of why someone would take an innocent life like that," he said.

"We found evidence that Obeshaw believed that someone was trying to control him through mind control," Sclabassi said. "Obviously if the persons close to this individual had perhaps taken the steps to make sure he got the help that he needed, he may not have been in the position to obtain the firearm that he had yesterday," she added.

Sclabassi said there are no official records or diagnosis that showed Obeshaw sought treatment.

In September 2015, Obeshaw legally registered the handgun in his name in Belleville.

Police are still working to determine a motive in the shootings.

Arrangements are being made for donations for the family of Emma Nowling.