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Highland Park Fire Dept calls on community to help family devastated by fire

Posted at 7:02 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 19:03:09-05

The Highland Park firefighters who responded to a fire on Connecticut Street Monday morning can’t get that call off their minds. It came in around 5 in the morning when neighbors woke up to see flames shooting out of the roof of a home.  

They rushed to help 12-year-old  Marvin and his 13-year-old sister Honesty. They both were sleeping inside their house  while their mom worked.

A neighbor helped Honesty get out, but even though neighbors and then firefighters went inside looking for Marvin, they could not find him. 

“I just hate we couldn’t save him. That is my hurt,” said Leola Moore. 

Honesty spent Monday night in the hospital while doctors treated her for burns and smoke inhalation.  Now she is out of the hospital and she and her mom are left heartbroken and homeless. 

“She is out there trying to provide for her family and to get a call that she lost her son in a fire, it is heart wrenching,” said Kevin Coney, Highland Park Fire Chief. 

Chief Coney is now calling on the community to help this family that lost so much in the fire. 

The Fire Department on Gerald will be accepting clothes for Honesty and her mom, household goods, and other items they will need. If you have a large item you would like to donate, call and make arrangements. 

“She lost everything in the house. Only thing she has is the clothes she has on her back,” said Chief Coney. “We want to really help her.”

The family is also working to set up a fund for expenses at a local bank.