Man says he was scammed out of $600 by someone posing as Kid Rock on Facebook

7 Action News viewer donates tickets to man
Posted at 9:47 PM, Mar 17, 2017

A Wayne resident said he was scammed out of $600 after sending Facebook messages to an account he thought belonged to rock to megastar Kid Rock.

“Thats a rotten thing to do to people, you know people work hard for their money," says Dan Sommerville.

Now, a 7 Action News viewer is donating two Kid Rock tickets to Sommerville. They met Sunday afternoon to pick up the tickets.

"Made my day, made my year," Sommerville said. "This is really cool; thank you very much. Always wanted to seem him and now I get to see him."

We first brought you Sommerville's story Friday night. He said he searched for Robert Richie's profile on Facebook and found one. Someone responded to his message and asked him to send money.

“And he said it would be costly. He said it would be 300 per ticket, so I wanted two - 0ne for my wife and one for I", Sommerville explained.

Sommerville said he's been trying to attend a Kid Rock concert for many years, but because of his work schedule, could never buy tickets before they sold out.

Soon after learning he had been scammed and the person on the other end was a fake, Sommerville said he remembered he sent something worse than the money.

"I had to send my ID and my wife’s ID. I sent them a picture of our driver’s license," he said.

The Wayne resident then called his local police and even phoned Newburn City, North Carolina - the location of the Walmart he was asked to send the $600.

While he waits for a response from police, he's hoping Kid Rock sees his story and makes his dream come true.

"If Kid Rock does see this, I would ask him to contact me or contact channel 7 to see if he can get me into one of his shows,” he says.