Metro Detroit couple says pool contractor took $50,000, never finished job

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-25 21:43:26-04

Deb and John Gustavson thought they’d be spending this summer laying out and swimming in a new pool.

But instead, they’re looking at a gaping hole in their backyard holding the place for a pool they were told would be built months ago.

Since September of 2016, the couple has forked over $50,000 to Greg Ibrahim, the owner of luxury Pools of Michigan.

They were told it would take a couple of months, at most 90 days, to complete the project. But 10 months later, the pool has yet to be completed.

The couple says workers have been at their house 6 days this year.

And each time they reach out to Ibrahim, they say they hear the same song and dance.

"I’ll get this done, I’ll make it right. But then it’s always the same thing. Nobody shows up and it continues to sit like this," says Deb Gustavson.

A general search on the company would make the couple grow even more concerned. Review after review on rip-off report dot com shows several clients voicing the same complaints.

Also concerning? Several company name changes within just a few years, from Luxury Pools, LLC, to Luxury Pools of Michigan, to Alpha pools, a change that happened right in the middle of the Gustavsons’ job.

Ibrahim no longer has a working business address so we reached out to him by phone..

He declined an on camera interview but said in a statement that the hold-up was due to an issue with “earth movement that was beyond [his] control”

He argued that the walls needed to be straightened out and that he had “ordered the correct material to rectify the situation”

The Gustavsons say that still doesn’t explain a 10 month wait.

But after talking to Ibrahim and his team, workers did finally return to the house that next day and several days thereafter -- making some progress.

The couple has now been told the project should be completed in a matter of weeks. Channel 7 will be staying on issue to make sure it gets done.