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National Thrift Shop Day is Saturday, Aug. 17

Posted at 5:37 PM, Aug 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-13 06:13:47-04

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) — National Thrift Shop Day is Saturday, Aug. 17. It’s a great way to get new customers inside those stores.

There are three STEP Thrift Shops in our area. You can save a few bucks whether you have stuff to buy or donate.

“You can definitely find some great things,” said Lisa White.

White is a personal stylist who has recently discovered the benefits of shopping at a thrift store.

“It doesn’t matter what it costs or where you shop, it’s all about how you put it together, the whole head-to-toe look.”

We met with Lisa at a STEP Thrift store in Dearborn Heights. It’s a non-profit that employees folks who are new to the workforce.

Brent Mikulski is the President & CEO of STEP.

“Helping individuals with disabilities find jobs and other opportunities in the community,” he explained.

Shopping there supports STEP and will help you find unique items at a fraction of the cost.

Lisa found a belt and a blazer she liked. She says the blazer could easily cost more than $100 in the store. At STEP it’s just $10.

“I wouldn’t have expected to find it here.”

There some designer names too, like Michael Kors jeans.

“Here its a no-brainer and it looks brand new, so I absolutely would buy it here,” she said.

Thrift stores are a good go-to for baby clothes and for special occasions, like homecoming.

Lisa explained, “They wear it once and they never want to be seen in it again. They put it on social media so everybody sees it, so it’s one and done.”

And re-wearing clothes has environmental benefits because they won’t wind up in landfills

Mikulski added, “Give it a try, there is a number of items that folks are donating that are in great shape. A lot of them still have the tags on them.”

If you don’t shop there, considering donating clothing or furniture because that could get a tax-deduction.