Neighbors concerned after teen finds gun stolen from Livonia gun shop lying in the street

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 18:36:05-04

A local gun shop is under fire after a child found one of its weapons lying on a neighborhood street.

The handgun was dropped after a robbery at the Gun Barn.

Some residents are saying they don’t want this business in their neighborhood. But the business owner says - not so fast.

The owner says he is just as upset about what happened.

The Gun Barn sits in a non-descript warehouse on Beacon Street in Livonia - beside residential neighborhoods.

The place has been robbed more than once and in surveillance video you can see masked thieves ransacking the place just days ago, making off with 22 weapons.

But it appears the crooks dropped one of the stolen handguns and a teenage boy riding his bike found it.

Neighbors have questioned the safety of such a business in an area where children play, but the owner of the shop tells a different story.

He has a message for jittery neighbors.

“We’re not here to cause them any problems, we’re here to help the neighborhood people to defend themselves,” says Daniel Hedeen. “We’re making sure now this will never happen again. We’re putting bars up shatterproof coating. We follow the ATF regulations. We go above and beyond that –locks, safe and that stuff its just unfortunate it happened.”

The Livonia Police Department tells us the gun store has properly kept all weapons secured. There is no problem with compliance. So, as of now, he has every right to be here.