Metro Detroit neighbors worry someone is poisoning dogs

Posted at 10:03 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 09:32:23-04

Some neighbors living off Lexington Rd. in Eastpointe are concerned about the safety of their pets.

That’s because one woman said her two dogs died after eating poison and she’s worried it was no accident.

Chantae Thomas and her mother live off Lexington. They had two pugs, 10 year-old Desi and 5 year-old Garfield. They were a father and son.  

On Monday, they noticed Desi foaming at the mouth. 

"We took him to the vet and the vet told us he was poisoned,” said Thomas.

Garfield soon started showing similar symptoms and he got the same diagnosis. Both dogs passed away. 
"I'm more than a little sad, it's hard to see my mom so down about it,” said Thomas.
"I'm just trying, I don't know, keep it all held together,” said Thomas.  

Thomas didn’t know where the poison came from, so she started talking to her neighbors.

She said one neighbor told her that his dog also died last week and it was unexpected, but he didn’t know. She said several others told her their dogs became ill, neighbors like Teressa Rizzo.

She said her dog became ill after she saw him get into something, but she didn’t take him to the vet, he recovered quickly. 

"I think he got a hold of something but he was big enough to fight it off he didn't ingest enough,” said Rizzo.

Now they’re both concerned someone might be targeting the pets on their street. 

"That on one street, all of these dogs are getting sick or dying,” said Rizzo.

They’re planning to stay alert.  

Thomas already filed a police report, Rizzo plans to do so on Tuesday.