Painted rock craze going strong in the Grosse Pointe area

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 08:46:52-04

You might be finding painted rocks in public places. It's a fun community project sweeping the nation.

The craze is becoming popular in the Grosse Pointe area. Parents want their kids to play this treasure hunt-type of game.

Nine-year-old Celesta Weidenbach said, "We painted the rocks and now we are going to hide them."

This community art project is becoming popular across the country this summer.

Facebook groups are popping up to help folks post pictures of rocks with clues to where it is hidden.

Seven-year-old Anastazia Weidenbach explained, "Some people did polka dots, so people did animals like mouses, and some people painted flowers."

The Grosse Pointe Art Rocks group has about 2,000 members.

Families like the Weidenbach's enjoy painting and hiding rocks like these.

Mom Jackie Weidenbach said, "They love it. Takes them a while to paint all the rocks and then it gives them something to do, look forward to out walking."

"We love doing it together. It's a lot more fun. Sometimes we like their ideas so we sort of copy them and we paint the same thing just a little different," Anastazia explained.

Local art studios are getting in on the fun.

Mini Picassos in Harper Woods is hosting a free rock painting session for children.

Owner Katy Wereley said, "This is such an amazing thing to build and to bring our community together and to have our kids be able to get creative and it's difficult sometimes let your little kids paint in your house or go out and get paint."

Some say creating art is great way to keep kids busy and outdoors during their summer break.

"Get physically messy and get in there with paint, scissors, glue and stickers and all of that and it brings out a different side of your child that you don't really get to see that often," she added.

Mini Picassos will host another free rock painting session on Friday July 14th from 10 and to 12:30pm.

If you want to find the "Circle 7" rock that Syma painted, watch for a clue on her Facebook page