PI helps reunite family with beloved dog

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 17:57:34-05

Little Kobe vanished without a trace from his Romulus home in December.

His owner Sha’ney Bowers was hysterical as she searched shelters and on websites. She posted flyers around town and on social media.

“Over Christmas we didn’t hear much,” said Sha’ney. “New Year’s we didn’t hear a thing.”

Not knowing what happened to the dog, Sha’ney did not give up. She posted about the 13-year-old maltipoo’s disappearance again on social media.

It was later discovered the pet was being sold on Craigslist for $100, but Sha’ney, her family, and others were having no luck contacting the seller.

Many were touched by Kobe’s story, including one dog lover.

“She was just a person who had seen a flyer on one of the sites that said give my friend a call.  He is a private investigator,” said Sha’ney.

Sha’ney contacted PI Tim Gilbert with Koda Incorporated, a private investigations firm, one morning around 9:00 am.

Tim did some digging and tracked down the people who had Kobe. By 2:00 pm the dog was back home.

“It was heartwarming, you know,” said Tim.  “These are the type of situations that blow someone’s mind.  Some people think this is a small thing, but it’s actually a family member taken from a home.”

“Tim is our angel,” said Sha’ney.  “I mean, you go to bed every night and you pray. We prayed as a family. Just something. In a matter of hours we had him back. It was amazing  It was amazing. Words cannot describe how much we can thank him.”

Tim did not charge anything for his rescue mission, having the cute little pooch returned to his family is reward enough for him.