Redford precincts run out of Democratic ballots

Posted at 10:42 PM, Mar 08, 2016

There were some major issues for voters in Redford on Tuesday night. Two precincts ran out of Democratic ballots, creating a headache for voters.

Some voters stood in line for hours.

"I will stand in this line until I get my vote in,” said Redford voter, Claudia Mann.

At the precinct at 24901 Cathedral, precinct workers ran out of ballots at least twice.

Precinct workers said they were not prepared for the large turnout of Democratic voters - an issue that they said stems from poor planning higher up the ranks.

Voters who spoke with 7 Action News did not think it was a good enough excuse.

"Regardless of how many people come out and vote, there should be plenty, they should not run out of ballots, period,” said Mann.

"I'm really kind of disgusted.  It's an election. You would think ballots would be an automatic assumption and they would have enough of those,” said Redford voter, Yolanda Reid.

Everyone waiting in line was given a ballot and allowed to vote. The last voter didn't leave the building until before 9:30 p.m.  Precinct workers had to hand count the last batch of ballots because they were paper ballots.

Some people were concerned about the ballot’s authenticity.

"It's to me, it's set up to fail, I'm not feeling comfortable at, especially about this election, I'm not feeling comfortable at all,” said Redford voter, Celeste Gilmore.

Precinct workers must hand count the ballots and report the numbers.