Woodhaven officials search for owner of lost necklace with ashes in it

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 16:39:40-04

A necklace containing ashes inside a locket was found in Woodhaven.

Now, city officials are using the power of social media to find its owner.

It was found near a baseball field at the Civic Center Park.

Emma Sakina worked at the concession when someone brought it to her Tuesday.

"Hey it's a necklace and I think it has ashes in it," she said. "This is somebody's loved one, so we really wanted to find out who it was."

They took to Facebook, hoping to get the word out.

Woodhaven Deputy Recreation Director Ed Odette explained, "This is clearly something that someone was wearing around their neck. It has to be extremely important to them."

Woodhaven officials heard about the lost necklace with ashes and stepped in for safe keeping.

"No idea if they are human or otherwise but there is an inscription on the side of the vessel which would lead me to believe it is probably human," Ed explained.

There was a baseball game Tuesday but officials believe someone may have lost it over the weekend during the Uncle Sam Jam festival.

Ed said, "There were probably 70,000 to 80,000 pass through here over four days, so it could've been a vendor, it could've been one of the carnival people is now out of state.

Emma added, "We just hope somebody claims it and they get their loved one back."

You will have to describe the necklace and the inscription that's on it. It will be locked up safely until it's rightful owner is found.

If you know who the necklace belongs to, call the Woodhaven Community Center (734) 675-4926.