Wyandotte man says rat problem is out of control in his suburban neighborhood

Posted at 11:15 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 23:20:37-04

A Wyandotte man tells 7 Action News rats are taking over his neighborhood.

Paul Holt called 7 Action News on Wednesday night, he lives off 18th St. and he said he and his neighbors have been dealing with the problem for the last month.

Holt’s daughter, Anabelle O’Brien-Hockey said she wants to move.

"Very, very scared,” she said.

She has seen the rodents while playing in the backyard.

"One popped out of a hole and it was really close to me,” said O’Brien-Hockey.

She and her siblings are the reason Paul Holt wants this problem taken care of.

"If one of these rats scratch my kids, bite them, whatever, I said, we are going to have a problem,” said Holt.

He said the rats are bold, coming out at all hours and in broad daylight.

"We were just digging around earlier and they were just coming right out of the ground,” said Holt.

No rats made an appearance while the 7 Action News cameras were rolling.

Holt said he and his neighbors have called the mayor’s office multiple times and he has talked to the mayor’s assistant.

"And she said in our defense, we're the only city Downriver, out of any of them, that do any type of rodent control. They contract exterminators and they come out, so it was from the mayor's assistants mouth to me,” said Holt.

Which leaves him wondering why nothing is being done.

"They say they do, but they're not,” said Holt.

7 Action News attempted to contact Wyandotte City Hall, but it was after hours and no one was available.  

The mayor called right after our story aired and said he's set traps and he's been proactive to that area, but it's difficult to keep up with all the issues.

He plans to be out to the neighborhood as early as this morning to meet with 7 Action News about the infestation.