Michigan girl's miraculous recovery after overcoming possibly fatal disease

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 15:15:50-04

A rare disease takes hold of a young girl's life, but it’s the miraculous turn around that has everyone - even her doctors - shocked.

You will absolutely fall in love with 10-year-old Grace Pour. She is wise beyond her years. She sort of has to be, because of one big word, you may have never heard.

Parents play so many roles in their children's lives. Two years ago, when Grace was 8, Pamela Pour was put into the position of playing a medical researcher - for her precious daughter.

A lot of questions - but no answers. It was all just so unusual.

Grace felt different - her skin felt different - and neither of them knew why.

They saw doctor - after doctor. Misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. Until a team of physicians in Michigan finally figured it out.


“Scleroderma is a hardening the skin but it becomes systemic sclerosis when it starts involving the organs. So for Grace it was her lungs and her esophagus,” says her mother.

Scleroderma has no known cure. In some people, you can see it; others may show no visible signs at all - like Grace.

One case may be mild, another aggressive. But it can be fatal.

For Grace, when it came to treatment, there was no time to take things slow.

With a cocktail of hardcore drugs, if you will - with the hope of stopping the progression - or better yet, reverse it.

There's no doubt that Grace is one in a million - but she's a miracle too!

Today, Grace is amazing and an absolute delight.

There's so much good news in grace's story to share now. She's in remission and feeling so much better - she's doing things, she couldn't do before. And it is quite a sight to see.

Now at the age of 10, this little girl from Northville, has a long list of work to do. And she's raring to go.

Grace is making it her duty to raise awareness and money for Scleroderma research and hopefully a cure.

While doing all of that, grace is also looking forward to becoming a veterinarian and a singer when she grows up. There's no doubt she will do all those things and then some.

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